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Our Mentorship program is an extended stay experience focusing both on the "Be With Me" approach and horseback archery. Lasting around three weeks, this immersive experience delves into deeper and more specific aspects of equine connection, providing you with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills that can be applied in your own environment.

Our mentorship program is led by the founder of the "Be With Me" Holistic Approach - Vladimir Mustakerski - he is also the creator of the renowned Bulgarian horseback archery school "The Way of the Horse and Bow" Vladimir has held multiple clinics abroad and continues to spread his knowledge and methods with people around the world.

​"Way too often, intentionally or not, people deal with the horse by breaking him mentally and physically and then using him as a tool – like is done with Nature and all living beings.  By following the traditions of my ancestors, the indigenous horse people, as well as utilizing the collected knowledge of modern horse experience, I created “Be with Me”. It's horsemanship that works by learning to lead, encourage and shape the horse with understanding, partnership, love and inner strength. This philosophy and method, with sufficient practice and insight, leads to the achievement of mutual success, satisfaction and the experience of life itself. This is the true Way of the Horse."

​"The core of the “Be with me” approach is personal development – the essence of which comes from your own spiritual and body awareness. – combined with knowledge of the equine psyche and physiology, to develop the horses’ willingness to be with a human. This creates a lasting bond between rider and horse, based on mutual understanding and partnership.
​Once this bond has been achieved, everything else is easy."

-Vladimir Mustakerski


A mentorship program is quite different than our other packaged experiences. Prices vary depending on what you wish to achieve, your skill level and your wanted duration. In order to get an exact quote, please reach out to us - we would love to hear from you and arrange an extended stay at The Way of the Horse and Bow.

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For all extra details and questions about booking, please get in touch with us - at or give us a call at +359 888 345 112. You can also reach us here, in the website:

Curious about the location of the “Be With Me” events?

Check out our accommodation options!

Curious about the location of the “Be With Me” events?

Check out our accommodation options!